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Dealing with a Stolen Package? Expert Tips to Foil Porch Pirates

Last year, over 49 million Americans had packages stolen, costing $2.4 billion. No one's safe, but there are ways to lower the risk and get your money back.

Anticipation fills the air as the notification rings on your phone – your much-awaited Amazon package has finally arrived!

The thrill quickly fades when you arrive home to an empty doorstep, robbed of your expected delivery.

The culprit? Those pesky porch pirates.

It’s happening more with more people shopping online, especially during the holidays.

Last year, over 49 million Americans had packages stolen, costing $2.4 billion.

No one’s safe, but there are ways to lower the risk and get your money back.

If my Amazon package gets stolen, what actions can I take?

Many delivery drivers snap photos of where they leave the package.

If the photo shows that your package reached your place, check your security camera footage.

If you still don’t see it, ask your neighbors if it was delivered to them by mistake.

Can I get a refund from Amazon if my package was stolen?

If something you ordered is missing from your porch, first contact the company you bought it from. Ask if they’ll replace or refund it. If they can’t help, try your credit card company. They might help dispute the charge.

What should I do if more packages are stolen?

1. Reach out to the store

If your package goes missing, try reaching out to the store where you bought it. They might have a way to replace or refund it. Sometimes, companies and delivery services handle things differently, so it’s not always a sure thing.

But in a world where customer service matters, it’s worth checking. If they can’t help, like with Amazon, you can ask your credit card company to cancel the charge.

2. Explore an Insurance Claim Option

Homeowners insurance often covers your belongings both at home and away, but it’s wise to see it as a last resort. Assess your deductible; if the stolen item’s cost is lower, the insurance may not cover it, holding you responsible for the loss. Also, filing an insurance claim could lead to increased rates next year.

For high-value items surpassing your deductible, cooperation with your insurance provider is key. They usually require certain proofs, such as a police report and delivery confirmation.

Foiling Porch Pirates: Preventing Package Thefts with Smart Tactics

1. Contact a company like Cabletel to set up the installation of security cameras or video doorbells

Security systems might make your home insurance cheaper because they lower burglary risk. Cabletel helps set up these systems for potential insurance discounts. Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate.

2. Keep an eye on the package tracking

If you’re away, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your package. There are convenient apps for tracking deliveries wherever you shop. For international packages, try 17track. Aftership offers live updates from your email orders. Parcel excels with Amazon tracking.

3. Ask for a signature upon delivery

For expensive items, you might choose to demand a signature upon delivery. This means that the package isn’t left on your door step until someone signs for it.

Also, the carrier will keep the package if you’re not home. Just keep in mind that this option may lead to higher shipping fees passed on to you by the seller.

4. Consider using a mailbox service

Use a mailbox service like the UPS Store. During business hours there will always be someone to collect your package(s) and keep it safe.

5. Purchase a virtual security guard

Use this device where your packages will be left unattended. Tell drivers to put your order on the device—it links to your phone.

If the package is removed by an unauthorized person, it blares an alarm, scaring off thieves.

Get it at

See How It Works

Purchase a lockbox for added security

You can easily find lock boxes on Amazon, Wayfair, and in home improvement stores. These boxes can be anchored to your porch or near your mailbox.

They allow delivery people to place packages inside and lock them securely. Only you have access, using a unique number code specified in the delivery instructions. It is a good idea to continuously update your password.

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